Why women have affairs with a married man

Entering a relationship can be interesting and very fun for a long time, but after a while the situation gets stale and you don’t really get anything great in return. That’s why many women tend to have an affair, because it’s a lot more interesting and fun for them.

Young women that have an affair with a married man usually want to find a sugar daddy and that’s their main goal, to find someone that can pay their expenses and deliver the stuff they want. They don’t really care about that person to begin with, instead they are more interested in the thrill of the chase and the adventure that does come out of it all, which is what matters the most in the first place for them. On the other hand, married women also tend to have an affair with a married man as well. Be it a family friend or someone new, married women still want to feel that they matter and many times they will fall into the arms of a person that respects and protects them if their husband fails to do such a thing.

For married women that want to have an affair, it’s all about trying to feel wanted again, because their husbands are not giving the affection that they once did, instead they want to deliver the best possible experience and results. The idea to have an affair also allows you to feel young and sexy again. Many women tend to have this problem, because they don’t find themselves that appealing any more, and honestly this is a very bad thing. It’s all about trying to have fun and an affair with a married man gives quite a lot of bonuses.

There’s sexual experience that you can rarely find with someone younger and at the same time a married man knows how to respect a woman and how to make her feel loved. It’s an amazing experience for any woman, which is exactly why any woman really wants to check out this type of relationship. It might not be ethical especially if that man is in another marriage, but the idea to live on the edge is really something one of a kind.

Women always seem to look for something better so when they do want to have an affair with a married man, this clearly shows that the men in her life didn’t really deliver on their promise and she is really disappointed with the stuff that she got until now.

As you can see, women do want to have an affair sometimes and the only way to stop this is to offer them protection, respect and make them feel loved. The lack of sexual activity can also be a problem for them so it’s a very good idea to make sex a priority in your relationship.

Without the aforementioned things, a woman will find any marriage having a complete lack of purpose so from there to having an affair with a married man there’s only a single step. If you really want a woman to not have an affair, the trick is to appreciate her and focus on what she wants all the time, because if she’s happy she won’t think about affairs.


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